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Dolby B NR

This Bell & Howell 1700 is a stereo cassette deck with Dolby B noise reduction, it was first sold by Bell & Howell in 1971 and discontinued a year later.

The main features of the Bell & Howell 1700 are: 2 heads, mechanical 3 digit tape counter, manual tape type selection and capable of handling normal and chrome tapes, belt driven single-capstan transport.

Typical of this deck is the 70's top loading layout with the cassette compartiment located on the left side of the deck. Tape eject is operated mechanically and the cassette needs to be placed with the side to be played facing forward in the cassette well.

Level meters used on the 1700 are analog needle VU reading meters. Mechanical transport controls for reliable 1700 transport function selection.

The Dolby-B system reduces tape hiss on tapes recorded on the 1700 by as much as 10 dB at the highest frequencies.

To make live recordings this deck has 2 microphone inputs to connect a microphone with a DIN connector.

Compact Cassette

Historic events

1971 Moog Music began production of the Minimoog Model D
1972 Intel releases the 8008 chip. An 8-bit processor that becomes the foundation for future personal computers.

Features of Bell & Howell 1700

1 Stereo Microphone Input
3-Digıt Mechanical Counter Analog Needle Meters
Cassette Exterior
Orientation Left Top Loading
Compact Cassette
Head Configuration
2 Head Desiǥn 4 Track / 2 Channel
HighCom NR
Noise Reduction
Dolby-B Noise Reduction
Mechanical Transport Control
Tape Speed
1⅞ ips - 4.76 cm/s
Normal Tape Capabılity Manual Tape Type Selection Chrome Tape Capabılity
Sìngle Capsŧan Transport Belt Drive (Capsŧan) Mechanical Tape Loading Auto Stop

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