Yamaha KX-10

This Yamaha KX-10 is a stereo cassette deck, it was first sold by Yamaha in 1990 with a list price of USD $365 and discontinued 10 years later in 2000.

The main features of the Yamaha KX-10 are:, digital tape counter with 3 digits, tape type selection and capable of handling normal and chrome tapes.

Typical front loading cassette deck with the cassette compartiment located on the left side of the deck.

Level meters used on the KX-10 are generic digital peak reading meters.

Compact Cassette
  • Natural Sound

Historic events

1990 Commodore announces the Amiga 3000 computer.
1991 Invention of the MP3 digital audio format
1992 Philips launched the DCC (Digital Compact Cassette) format
1993 The first graphical program able to view data on the "web" is released through a program called Mosaic
1994 CompactFlash (CF) mass storage device format used in portable electronic devices introduced by SanDisk
1995 Microsoft releases Windows 95.
1996 Nintendo announces the Nintendo 64 (a 64-bit game system).
1997 Saul. B Marantz dies at age 85
1998 Memory Stick, a removable flash memory card format, launched by Sony
1999 Introduction of Digital8 (or D8), a consumer digital videotape format developed by Sony.
2000 Windows 2000 is released

Features of Yamaha KX-10

3-Digıt Digital Counter Digital Peak-Reading Meters
Cassette Exterior
Titanium Finish Orientation Left Front Loading Black Finish
Compact Cassette
Head Configuration
4 Track / 2 Channel
Power Requirements
Alternating Current
Tape Speed
1⅞ ips - 4.76 cm/s
Normal Tape Capabılity Chrome Tape Capabılity

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