Onkyo TA-RW9090

The Onkyo TA-RW9090 is a stereo double cassette deck, it was introduced by Onkyo in 1992 and discontinued 4 years later in 1996.

The main features of the Onkyo TA-RW9090 are:, electronic tape counter with 4 digits, tape type selection with support for normal tapes.

Typical front loading double cassette deck with the cassette compartiment located on both sides of the deck.

Level meters used on the TA-RW9090 are generic digital peak reading meters.

Compact Cassette
  • Integra
  • Power Glide Loading

Historic events

1992 Philips launched the DCC (Digital Compact Cassette) format
1993 Intel introduces the "Pentium" processing chip.
1994 CompactFlash (CF) mass storage device format used in portable electronic devices introduced by SanDisk
1995 Ebay the online auction website was founded as AuctionWeb
1996 Introduction of the first smartphone, the Nokia 9000 Communicator which incorporated PDA functionality

Features of Onkyo TA-RW9090

4-Digıt Digital Counter Digital Peak-Reading Meters
Cassette Exterior
Black Finish Orientation Left / Right Front Loading
Compact Cassette
Head Configuration
4 Track / 2 Channel
Tape Speed
1⅞ ips - 4.76 cm/s
Normal Tape Capabılity

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