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The Mitsubishi DT-25 is a stereo cassette deck with Dolby B and C noise reduction, it was introduced by Mitsubishi in 1980 with a manufacturer suggested retail price of USD $370 and discontinued 5 years later in 1985.

The main features of the Mitsubishi DT-25 are: 2 heads, tape type selection with support for normal, chrome and metal tapes.

Typical front loading cassette deck with the cassette compartiment located on the left side of the deck. Tape eject is operated mechanically and the cassette needs to be placed with the side to be played facing forward in the cassette well.

Dolby C-type used in the DT-25 provides 20 dB of noise reduction above about 1,000 Hz, fully doubling the amount given by B-type.

For undisturbed listening a jack connector for a pair of stereo headphones is supplied. Connection to other audio components for plaback can be achieved by a RCA cable and recording from a source by a RCA cable.

Compact Cassette

Historic events

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Features of Mitsubishi DT-25

AC Power Cord / Plug RCA Input/Output Connectors Headphones
Record Protection
Cassette Exterior
Orientation Left Front Loading
Compact Cassette
Head Configuration
2 Head Desiǥn 4 Track / 2 Channel
HighCom NR
Noise Reduction
Dolby-B Noise Reduction Dolby-C Noise Reduction
Power Requirements
Alternating Current
Tape Speed
1⅞ ips - 4.76 cm/s
Normal Tape Capabılity Chrome Tape Capabılity Metal Tape Capabılity
Mechanical Tape Loading Auto Stop

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