Dux 9146

The Dux EK 9146 is a cassette deck, it was introduced by Dux in 1976.

The main features of the Dux EK 9146 are:, analog 3 digit tape counter.

Typical of this deck is the 70's top loading layout with the cassette compartiment located on the right side of the deck.

Level meters used on the EK 9146 is a single analog needle VU reading meter.

Compact Cassette

Historic events

1976 Texas Instruments introduces "Little Professor" the first electronic educational toy

Features of Dux EK 9146

Analog Needle Meter 3-Digıt Mechanical Counter
Cassette Exterior
Top Loading Wood Case Orientation Right Black Finish

Similar to Dux EK 9146 from the period 1976