Bigston KD-300

This Bigston KD-300 is a cassette deck, it was first sold by Bigston in 1977 with a recommended retail price of USD $70 and discontinued 5 years later in 1982.

The main features of the Bigston KD-300 are:, mechanical 3 digit tape counter.

Typical of this deck is the 70's top loading layout with the cassette compartiment located on the left side of the deck.

Compact Cassette

Historic events

1977 The movie "Star Wars" is released, revealing special effects, and film technology never before seen by the general public.
1978 Nintendo releases its first video game, Computer Othello.
1979 Intel released the first 16-bit processor, the 8086.
1980 Worldwide sale of Rubik's Cube starts.
1981 Sony introduces the "micro" (3½-inch) floppy disk drive the OA-D30V
1982 VHS-Compact (VHS-C), originally developed for portable VCRs, but ultimately finding success in palm-sized camcorders

Features of Bigston KD-300

3-Digıt Mechanical Counter
Cassette Exterior
Silver Finish Top Loading Orientation Left

Similar to Bigston KD-300 from the period 1977 - 1982