BASF 9220

This BASF 9220 is a cassette deck, it was first sold by BASF in 1975 and discontinued 3 years later in 1978.

The main features of the BASF 9220 are:, mechanical 3 digit tape counter.

Level meters used on the 9220 is a single analog needle VU reading meter. Mechanical transport controls for reliable 9220 transport function selection.

Compact Cassette

Historic events

1975 Sony launched the Betamax videocassette recording format.
1976 Shugart Associates introduced the first 5.25" floppy disk (FDD).
1977 The Atari 2600 home video game console released by Atari, Inc.
1978 Technics introduced the famous SL-1200MK2 turntable

Features of BASF 9220

Analog Needle Meter 3-Digıt Mechanical Counter
Mechanical Transport Control

Similar to BASF 9220 from the period 1975 - 1978